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Osirunet part.1.
Hello there everyone.
I have made a very cheesy thing. It is a new agey sci-fi/fantasy comic called “Osirunet”.
This is a sequel to another story on my site called “Squidology” (that story is beeing revised in the following week). As I was finishing of that story (that was originally intended to be a oneshot story, with no direct sequels) I stumbled upon this.
I was sitting on the bus, listening to this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etx40YSlG-Y
And suddenly, something clicked and this whole thing was there. More or less like the final result is. It was almost like a download.
This must sound very weird, or even idiotic.
And it probably is, but I don’t care. The general production started in late June this year, and was finished on the 27th of November.
This is a challenge for myself. It is easy to just stick to what you are comfortable with, which in my case is squids, weird machines, black and white, and darker “storylines” with a more humorous undertone. Or in some cases overtone.
The almighty Squid is still the main orchestrator in the whole thing, but in the last year, he/it have gotten a few “friends”. Also, the Squid isn’t that easy to project oneself onto. And there is some sense of endless possibility with that character. The Squid is very far out in many ways, so he/it… could literaly do anything beyond the rules of space and time, and we wouldn’t even think of raising an eyebrow. There is something godlike about the Squid. This can be used to do many good things. But a storyline can benefit greatly from some elements of limitation and struggle.
This little female looking humanoid is far from almighty. In the previous story, she only did what she was told. Right until the end, where she was left to herself. 
It took me a while to figure out what this whole thing actually is. After all, it was almost like it was handed to me in its complete form (I know this sounds very silly).
It is almost like a semi-selfportrait in some ways (but isn’t that the case with all creative things?). This seems to be about cognitive dissonance, the holographic universe theories and finding out that the world, universe, everything is vastly different from what you always have believed. We have had this particular view, that we based all our perception upon. But suddenly we come across information that makes it all fall apart. Everything seems to be an uncomprehensible mess for some time, until the patterns emerge. You see connections. Nuances and details that you never understood or ever have seen suddenly lock into place. It all fits together.
It can be a fantastic journey. It can be scary at the start, but it can also be filled with joy and bliss. Although as the great mr.Mckenna (i think it was him) said: Sanity always come with a good dose of alienation.
I’m not claiming to be an example of untainted sanity, but it fits with the story.
This whole thing goes on for a while, and we have learned a lot. Expanded our “minds”, improved on ourselves, but old patterns still holds us trapped. We have this precious view of the whole thing that we stubbornly resist to let go of. Until one day, one moment, when that little gem is shattered into little pieces. So small that we’ll never be able to put them back together.
That is what I think of it now. You may have a different understanding.
Feel free to think what ever you like. Even if you want to hate it. Or if you want to hate me for wasting your time.

This was fun to do. And there will be more stories. About 8.
I have just started drawing the 3rd one, and an upcoming solo exhibition.
If you made it all the way here, through all this babbling and nonsense, thank you very much for both reading and watching.

May the Metatronic Squid be with you!

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along a bank on Flickr.

Kitasenjyu, Tokyo
Taken with Voigtländer Vito II.


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cap blanc nez, France

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